Monday, June 14, 2010

Patterns up for sale

Well, I am finally listed with Pay Pal.
So, If you are interested, here are some of my patterns that are in PDF format, for instant downloading.
More will be coming soon.
Thanks for looking.

Flap is the most popular class that I have ever taught.
There is just something about this knobby kneed, big nosed, little man that appeals to people who love to make characters.




Select Camel Pattern

Official PayPal Seal

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am starting to sell some of my patterns to the public.
This is a first, since people would usually have to take my classes or workshops to obtain one.

I have some that can be sent as PDF files, for that instant shopping experience, and they can also be sent on a CD for a little extra.

I am working right now to set up a Pay Pal shopping cart on this site. This shouldn't take more than 2 days to have everything finalized.

So, bear with me just a little longer.
Thank You

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flip The Flap Contest
Today is Valentine's Day, and the final phase of our "Flappette" contest.
I was to thank the wonderful contestants for all their hard work and wonderful interpetation of my Flap pattern.
I also want to thank the three Judges that spent so much time looking over these contestants.
And lastly, thanks to all of you wonderful doll artists that voted for your favorite doll.
Now, for the Winner.
# 1 Bertie
Bertie has won by only one vote!
This has been a very close contest, for sure!
Bertie was made by Betty Dobelbower
Zenobia was made by Liz Waechter
Congratulations to both contestants.
If you both will send me your addresses, I will get the first place and consolation prizes in the mail right away.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Flip the Flap Contest

The Flip the Flap contest is now officially closed

After several months if planing and hard work,
we have two young ladies that are hoping to win Flap's heart for Valentine's Day.

The pictures are being studied by three judges and the results will be posted here on the 14th....Valentine's Day

You can join in the voting if you would like, also.
Just look at the two ladies below, and let me know which one you think Flap will love.
Email me with your choice....#1 or #2
Please put "choice" in the subject line. Send your Votes to

no later than February 13th.

And Now......The Ladies!

Contestant #1 is Bertie

Contestant # 2 is Zenobia and her pet Chickens

Finally! A Post

I have been away fron this blog for a long time.
I have always found it hard to take time each day to write in a diary.
Anyhow, I have been working on three classes for the CIFI Conference in New Mexico, in May, 2009.
I will be teaching a two day class on "Camel". This little critter made an appearance last year, and has been asked to come back this year, as a class.
Camel will be a fun class for my animal loving friends, and I am sure they will enjoy making him.
I will also be teaching a one day class for the
"Little Brown Biddy Bird".
She is another critter from last year's conference.
I will be teaching a larger bird for an evening class for children, called the "Bejeweled Biddy".
This is a bird that is covered with glitter and jewels and all kinds of fancy things.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Year

I have been busy lately, with all kinds of things for this coming year.
I am putting my supplies together for some of the classes I will be teaching in the next several months.
My biggest project right now is all the little "extras" that have to be put together for the first CIF (Creations in Fibers) conference, that will start in April in ABQ, New Mexico.
I will be teaching a two day class on "Pan" the goat man.

I will also be teaching a one day class on Mini Dog making.

These dogs have full armatures for all kinds of posing and drooly tongues.

I will also be teaching an evening mini class/demo on shoe making.

This will be a fun class and everyone should walk out with a pair of finished pumps for their doll.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Black and White Challenge results The results of the Black And White Challenge have just been announced, and I won the professional/advanced section! I am thrilled, but also quite surprised. After looking at all the entries, I was sure I didn't have a chance. The dolls were all amazing! The doll had to be made from a body pattern, designed by the contest hostess. She did not include a head in the advanced group. The doll's skin was supposed to be the only color allowed, besides lips and eyes. Everything else was to be Blacks and Whites.