Friday, June 11, 2010

I am starting to sell some of my patterns to the public.
This is a first, since people would usually have to take my classes or workshops to obtain one.

I have some that can be sent as PDF files, for that instant shopping experience, and they can also be sent on a CD for a little extra.

I am working right now to set up a Pay Pal shopping cart on this site. This shouldn't take more than 2 days to have everything finalized.

So, bear with me just a little longer.
Thank You


Sharon-NZ said...

Oh woohoooooo what fantastic news that is yipeeeeeeeeee

HElen said...

Hi Nancy! It is Helen Grossman! I am so exiceted that you have some of your patterns for sale! Woo-hoooo!

Anonymous said...

Was just referred to your site. I love your dolls. The information on your classes is a little sketchy. Doesn't say when or where or if available online. I am looking for a horse pattern with detail. One of your other fans suggested I contact your site. My e-mail addy is